What kind of program is needed for teachers that have never been trained and may not even have a high school education? We believe the key is to make the content attainable by simplifying information found at the undergraduate level in nations such as the United States or France. Few teachers in developing nations have the opportunity to enroll in a university or college level program, and quality teacher training programs are scarce. Since their learning must be “on the job” TTT provides teachers with 3 two-day professional development seminars taught over an academic year, for a total of 6 days of instruction. Seminars are usually taught in November, February and April.

 Basics of Effective Teaching
Fall SeminarThe Role of the Teacher
Planning the School Day
Winter SeminarMultiple Intelligences
Differentiated Instruction
Spring SeminarBloom's Taxonomy


School leaders are central to improving education. While many school leaders may be well-qualified, very few have received any type of leadership training. TTT provides school leaders with three professional development seminars over the course of an academic year.

 Basics of Effective School Leadership
Fall SeminarA Community of Collaboration
Winter SeminarA Culture of Improvement
Spring SeminarThe Keys to Student Achievement

Qualifying to Earn Certificates

The TTT program consists of 6 one-day modules over the course of 3 seminars (two modules per one seminar). Teachers can earn a:

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificate of Completion and TTT lapel pin

To obtain a TTT Certificate of Attendance for each of the 6 modules, teachers must:

  • Be present for the entire six-hour period of instruction (9 am-4 pm).

  • Be joined by all of their colleagues. *

  • Pay their own transportation costs.

* TTT believes the greatest success is achieved when the entire school’s teachers and leaders participate.

Teachers and school leaders who successfully attend all of the seminars
receive a Certificate of Completion and a lapel pin, and the
school leaders receive videos of the training materials. 
No financial compensation is provided to teachers for their participation. 

The TTT Difference

We continuously strive to improve our methods to achieve the greatest results. We are unique for several reasons:

We provide research-based, universally accepted information.
Our program takes what a teacher would learn at the undergraduate level and distills it down to attainable concepts and activities that can be used immediately in the classroom.  Designed with adult learners in mind, our seminars are 60% information and 40% activity.

We focus on the entire teaching faculty at each school.
We want the teachers to collaborate and learn from each other. Therefore, the entire teaching faculty must commit to attend each seminar to gain admittance into the program.

We conduct our training seminars with professionally produced training videos accompanied by Haitian facilitators.
The lecture portion of the seminars are recorded in English, dubbed into the language of the audience. Indigenous, trained facilitators lead activities and discussions. This ensures a balance of quality and compelling delivery of the material and culturally relevant experiences among peers.

We invest in school leaders by supplying specialized training that promotes a healthy leadership structure and educational environment. 
To deepen buy-in, school leaders are given an active role in facilitating learning in each seminar. Once the seminars are completed, school leaders are given a set of the videos to use at their school for review and for training new teachers. 

We empower teachers to become more effective by building pride in the profession. 
We do not incentivize teachers to attend our seminars.  They receive no classroom materials or supplies. In fact, teachers participate at their own cost.